Interbeing a Guided Meditation

Intersectionality, Interbeing and True Happiness:
A Guided Meditation
By Sister Clear Grace

Bell Gatha:

Our Bodies speech and minds are held in perfect oneness, we send our hearts along with the sound of this bell. May the hearers awaken from forgetfulness and transcend the path of anxiety and sorrow. (bell x3)

Aware that on the level of our being we know that we are all connected.
Being, connected (bell)

From moment to moment we are all influencing each other, aware that we share emotional fields. We share feelings, sharing fields of feeling (bell)

Whether consciously or subconsciously we become aware of how we project our perceptions on each other. Aware of our projections, letting go of our projections (bell)

We move deep into our consciousness to be in touch with the nature of interbeing.
In touch with interbeing in touch with out true nature(bell)

We move into the state of mind where we meet vast emptiness. Meeting emptiness, we find unity. Vast emptiness, unity (bell)

When we look into emptiness we see that it is not empty, it is full of everything.

In being full of everything, we see how everything is connected, we see our connected field and our connected energies. Full of emptiness, empty of a separate self (bell)

Looking to the universe we see that the stars are in the space and the space is in the stars. All is being held in space. Space in the stars, stars in the space (bell)

Seeing ourselves in this way we see that our star is dependent upon all other things in the universe. We see that all of the universe is also dependent upon our star.
Star dependent on universe, universe dependent upon star (bell)

In this state of mind we see how our past actions and the past actions of our ancestors have impacted our present and we also see how our present actions have an impact on the future. Past actions in the present, present actions in the future. (bell)

Seeing our actions of body speech and mind we see our responsibility towards the atmosphere, we see what we are adding towards the attitude of the collective.
Responsibility to the collective, responsibility to the atmosphere (bell)

We see the way out is in, going in we touch the nature of interbeing. Going out we have a clear discernment, giving us a different perspective of the world. With this clear perspective we are better able to react in a way that supports all beings. Clear perspective, all beings (bell) 

Bell X 2

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