The act of giving itself is of immeasurable benefit of the giver, for it opens up the heart, diminishes for a moment one’s self-absorption and places value on the well-being of others. The size or valuge of the gift is of almost no importance—if the act of giving itself is the natural expression of a connected and loving heart and generates a thought-moment devoid of greed and full of joy and loving-kindness, then the gift is invaluable. 

Dear Beloved Community,

We know you are there and we are so happy. May we be worthy to practice the gift of receiving your support in any way that you are able to offer even if its the joy of friendship and energy as we move through this uncertain but freeing time. Moving forward we rely solely on donations to support our basic needs, studies, communications and outward practice. If you are moved and in a place to make a monetary or material offering, you will be supporting us to live our deepest aspirations of walking with authenticity.

Shelter: As of now our place of refuge is stable and we are grateful we know that this is a great fortune to practice.

Medicine and health: Health Care is a privelage and like many Americans we do not qualify for basic health care. There is a need for support with additional health care items such as treatments that are not covered, dental, vision, vitamins, specific dietary needs, fitness and exercise items.

Offerings: in the form of cash or gift cards can be sent or given in an envelope. Money will go to help pay for basic requirements, personal needs and continued study. A specific monetary gift can also be made, for example: food, personal items, travel transportation, accommodations or fees to cover retreats and tuition.

Staying Connected: media platforms, communications, accounts, phones, fees and other technologies are needed to share our personal experiences in all of the many directions. Much help is also needed with the support of creating these platforms, media sites, websites and creative ways to stay connected.

All the while remembering what has already been done for us by our Blood, Spiritual, Land Ancestors, Sentient and non Sentient Beings. May the merit of our practice only be of benefit to ALL.

Bowing in gratitude for all that is to be received and all that has already been received,

We are True Moons of Authenticity,

Sister True Moon of Clear Grace

Sister True Moon of Clear Suchness

May those who go in dread, have no more fear,
May captives be unchained and set free,
And may the weak now become strong,
May living beings help each other in kindness.
May travelers upon the road,
Find happiness no matter where they go,
And may they gain, without hardship,
The goals on which their hearts are set.
From the songs of birds and the sighing of trees,
From the shafts of light and from the sky itself,
May living beings, each and every one,
Perceive the constant sound of Dharma.
~ Shantideva

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